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Newly Created Group of Companies Comprising ENTO, ENTO Direct & Ariam Media

ENTO is one of FE’s leading standard setting bodies, and has recently been joined in People Development UK by ENTO Direct and Ariam Media. Here, David Morgan, the Director, writes of the achievements and the successes that have been made possible by the coming together of these organizations.

The Formation

Since the formation of People Development UK in December 2004 two additional companies have been brought into the Group alongside ENTO; ENTO Direct established to provide high quality vocational learning, assessment and verification and the acquisition of Ariam Media providing web and media design solutions.

ENTO is the established brand you may be familiar with for being the actual standard setting body and developer of National Occupational Standards. Born out of the demise of the former National Training Organisations it has since grown to become one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, with a reputation for authoritative and high quality solutions related to people development in the work place.

Joined by ENTO Direct and Ariam Media

Newly launched learning provider ENTO Direct is offering Vocational Awards in Assessment and Verification and Health and Safety, in particular A1, A2 and V1 for beginners and the Health & Safety Unit D. Further development of the brand includes full provision of NVQs in Learning and Development and Health and Safety.

Sharon Forton has been appointed as the Chief Executive and joins ENTO Direct from Derbyshire Chamber of Commerce and Business Link, where she held position of Deputy Chief Executive, with responsibility for their Training Division, Quality, HR and Funding.

Ariam Media, a company created by the now Chief Executive Peter Bourne and acquired by the Group in August of this year is a design agency with over seven years experience in the new media field. Ariam Media specialises in web site design and production, graphic design, photography and CD ROM production with further development of the brand to begin early next year, including complete design & print solution packages and project websites.

All of us here at FE News would like to take this opportunity to thank David Morgan for his time and contribution and wish him all the best for the future. To visit the ENTO site, please click here. If you want to find out more about ENTO Direct, visit them online by clicking here. Finally, to find out more about Ariam Media, please visit their website here.

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