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Skills Minister says new Academy will ‘transform care’

Skills Minister Kevin Brennan welcomed the launch of the National Skills Academy for Social Care, saying the scheme will “transform” the sector.

Mr Brennan said the Academy "will build an outstanding example of social care across England….and help to shape the skills systems that we need and a system that responds to the economy".

Joining him, Phil Hope, Minister for Care Services, told how 20 graduates had already joined the Academy under its national management graduate scheme.

"Leadership and management are the skills we need to develop, and the national graduate scheme aims to attract leaders of the future into the sector and raise awareness of how rewarding a career in adult social care can be," said Mr Hope.

Adult social care supports a range of services, for those with a physical or learning disability to older people. Currently, there are 1.5 million people in the social care workforce, and this is expected to soar to 2.5 million by 2020 because of demographic changes, including an aging population.

A coalition of sector leaders, from BUPA to the National Care Forum, have been instrumental in the Academy’s development.

Liz McSheehy, the National Skills Academy for Social Care’s chief executive, added: "This is just the start of the Skills Academy’s development in working to transform the quality and quantity of qualified workers in the sector.

"We recognise the value of real collaboration with the many employers, training providers and service users in the sector and we urge them all to engage with the Academy and help us to develop and grow the products and services that they need."

(Pictured: Skills Minister Kevin Brennan)

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