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The Growth of Participation in Community Sports Development Revealed in SkillsActive Report<

A new report, commissioned by SkillsActive and carried out amongst the Community Sports Development (CSD) workforce, has highlighted the rising numbers employed in the area of community sports development.

There are currently some 5,000 people employed in this area, with that number set to rise further in the years to come. The jobs range from the part time sports coach all the way up to full ““ time sports development officers, and draws attention to the way in which sport can be used as a tool for greater inclusion, combating social exclusion and bringing in people who are marginalised from mainstream services and learning opportunities.


The Objectives

Amongst the key issues raised by the report and being addressed in this growing field are the aims and objectives of community sport; the challenges and the difficulties faced by both the learners and the development officers; and issues concerning the qualifications and training involved in the field.

Working in tandem with SkillsActive is the Home Office sports ““ based inclusion programme Positive Futures. Both organisations are addressing the issues raised by the workforce expansion in the area of CSD and, responding to the findings of the report, Positive Futures has developed a new three day training course on delivering sports activities in socially deprived neighbourhoods for its staff. Meanwhile, SkillsActive is working with a number of national partners to develop a comprehensive training and education package including the development of national standards and the evolution of approved qualifications.

Sport is an important tool for social justice and inclusion, and, thanks to SkillsActive, the sector is getting its skates on.

Jethro Marsh

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