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West Cheshire College Wins Healthy Eating Award

WEST Cheshire College’s ABC Nursery in Handbridge is giving Jamie Oliver a run for his money after being presented with an award for promoting healthy eating in children which leads to healthy teeth and gums.

The Foundation Years Silver Award from Halton NHS Primary Care Trust was awarded to the nursery in appreciation of its commitment to keeping young teeth healthy. Healthy eating is not a new policy for the nursery, who have been working towards providing sugar-free snacks and increasing consumption of milk and water for years. They have also been participating in a variety of Oral Health Promotion activities which teach children, and their parents, about healthy living and the best ways to look after teeth.

ABC Nursery Manager Maggie Bumpus said: “We are really pleased with the award ““ it’s nice to get recognition for the work we do. We have always made healthy choices for the children and parents have always been very appreciative. We don”t allow them to have crisps or sugary biscuits, instead opting for snacks like toast, breadsticks, fruit, ham and cheese. Lunches are provided by the College canteen and are always well balanced ““ chips are never on the menu!”

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