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Bath Spa University secures further funding for five new Government-backed short courses

Since September 2021, Bath Spa University has taught over 250 students the sector-specific skills needed to start their dream careers through a Skills Bootcamp. Over half of these students have secured new roles in tech since completing their short course.

Following this success, Bath Spa University has since secured funding for five new Skills Bootcamps that were rolled out in January this year, in partnership with the West of England Combined Authority

Skills Bootcamps are fully funded by the Department for Education as part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, which helps everyone gain skills for life. These new courses look at targeting two of the biggest skills gaps identified within the West of England: environmental data science and digital skills within the education sector.

Data science is crucial for any business producing large volumes of data and is widely used in various industry domains including marketing, healthcare and environmental science. Three new Skills Bootcamps have been designed with this in mind. These courses focus on environmental data engineering, environmental data analysis and using AI for environmental sustainability, opening the door to a range of careers in data science. All three courses will also teach students interview techniques, tips on how to improve their CVs and confidence to apply for jobs, therefore improving their employability.

Two further Skills Bootcamps focused on upskilling education staff will focus on the education sector and PGCE staff already working at Bath Spa University. These courses will teach staff the key digital skills needed to complete their everyday roles, such as how to utilise Smartboards and Microsoft programmes. They will also learn how to use the bespoke systems in a school setting.

Students on the Skills Bootcamp for Education Staff will also have the opportunity to take part in the Microsoft Learn for Educators programme. This programme enables institutions and faculty members to be flexible in how they teach curricula, allowing educators to teach wherever and however they and their schools feel comfortable, whether that is in the classroom, online, or a combination of the two.

The Bath Spa University short courses have been very well received by students. Student Nicola took part in a Skills Bootcamp in Creative Computing: UX/UI Design and has recently started a new role as a UX Designer. When asked about the course, she said: “My lecturers, Amira Ahmed and James Shaw, couldn’t have been more helpful and supportive. I’m so grateful for the Skills Bootcamp experience and the dedication of the staff and fellow students.” 

Reflecting on the successes of the past year, Andy Grey, Associate Lecturer in web development and data science, said:

“It’s great to see a community spirit being generated remotely, with learners actively discussing the subject and supporting each other in and out of session time. I believe this has been one of the core reasons they’ve fostered excellent new skills and achieved employment within the tech space.”

Applications for these Skills Bootcamps are currently open. Applicants must be looking to work in Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset, Bristol or South Gloucestershire and be over 19.

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