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College’s ‘Global Citizens’ return from an unforgettable trip to Toronto

From Director of Enterprise and Business Innovation at Borders College, Katharine Mathison.

As many of you may know, several @BordersCollege students and staff from various curriculum areas have recently returned from a fully funded education trip to Toronto, Canada!

This trip was funded through the Turing Scheme and was aimed at providing candidates with international experiences, developing confidence and enhancing their skills as Global Citizens.

The trip ran from 17th May to 2nd June. The group, which included Alex Lindsay, Cheyanne Wakelam, Clair Windsor, Connor Gibb, Emma Carlyle, Gemma Davidson, Kriss Miller, Miriam Mells, Ross Douglas, Rupert Potter, Hannah Inglis and Kerryn Law, departed from Glasgow Airport, flying direct to Toronto on a six-hour flight.

On arrival, the students first spent five nights in the busy city centre of Downtown Toronto at the University of Toronto Residence and explored the city. Sightseeing included the CN Tower, The ROM, City Cruise and a Blue Jays Baseball game; some even braved the CN Tower Edge walk.

Students thrived in the busy culture and navigated their way around public transport, interacting with locals when needed for directions.

During the first five days, the students had an induction to the Centennial College Story Arts Campus. They later moved to Progress Campus in the smaller town of Scarborough to undertake and participate in classes for the next two weeks.

Many students are leaving with an excellent experience of the campus, pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and extra achievements to add to future CVs.

Students who were part of the trip were delighted to be given the opportunity and commented:

“I’m so thankful and grateful to have had this opportunity, experiences, make memories and friendships and see things I wouldn’t have had the chance to see otherwise. I feel so lucky; this whole trip is something I will never forget.” 

“Days full to the brim with new and exciting experiences, and I have loved every minute.”

“Looking back on this trip it has truly been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I have met the most truly amazing people. I am so thankful to everyone for making this an experience I will never forget.”

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