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Councillor Rita Garner Presents Worthing Festival Poster to Talented Northbrook College Student

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Worthing celebrated its vibrant arts community at the Festival Celebration 2023, held at The Venue in the heart of the city. The event served as an occasion to honor local talent and recognize the contributions made by individuals who have enriched the cultural landscape of Worthing. Among the highlights of the evening was the presentation of a framed copy of the Worthing Festival poster to the gifted artist, Jess, by Councillor Rita Garner.

During the ceremony, Councillor Rita Garner took the stage to acknowledge Jess’s exceptional artistic skills and dedication. Jess’s artwork had been selected as the official poster for the Worthing Festival, a prestigious recognition of her talent and creativity. Councillor Garner presented Jess with a beautifully framed copy of her work, expressing admiration for the artistic vision and capturing the essence of the festival.

As part of the Festival Celebration’s vibrant ambiance, a selection of costumes from the esteemed Costume for Performance & Film | BA (Hons) degree program adorned the venue’s décor. The display showcased the meticulous craftsmanship and artistic flair of the students who had worked tirelessly to create these stunning garments. Their dedication to their craft was evident in the intricate details and the unique designs that added an element of visual splendor to the event.

The evening’s entertainment was enhanced by the performances of students from the BA (Hons) Dance & Professional Practice program. Ella Vardy, Alice Major, Lucy Major, and Bethany Denny captivated the audience with their talent and skill, delivering two captivating live pieces. The first was a dynamic commercial quartet that showcased their versatility and ability to captivate the audience with their energetic movements. The second was a poignant contemporary duet that conveyed raw emotions and highlighted their artistic expression.

The performances by these talented dancers were met with resounding applause and served as a testament to the high standard of artistic training and creativity fostered within Worthing’s dance community.

The Festival Celebration 2023 proved to be a remarkable showcase of Worthing’s artistic excellence. It provided a platform to recognize the achievements of local talents like Jess, who captured the spirit of the Worthing Festival through her artwork. The event also highlighted the dedication and artistry of students from the Costume for Performance & Film and Dance & Professional Practice programs, demonstrating the vibrant and thriving arts scene within the city.

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