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Evidence to the STRB: 2022 pay award for school staff

Nadhim Zahawi, Education Secretary

The Secretary of State wrote to Dr Mike Aldred, the Chair of the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB), on 17 December 2021.

The remit letter requested the STRB’s recommendations on the September 2022 and
September 2023 pay awards, reiterating the government’s commitment to a
£30,000 starting salary for all new teachers and asking that the STRB
considers its recommendations for the two pay awards in light of this. A two year pay award will give the sector greater clarity over the roadmap to reaching a £30,000 starting salary, whilst also providing schools with knowledge of the next two pay awards to support better budget planning as
we make the uplifts required to deliver this commitment. This document
provides the Secretary of State’s evidence to support the STRB’s
consideration of the 2022 and 2023 pay awards for teachers, headteachers
and other teachers in leadership positions.

To best support teacher recruitment, retention and quality ambitions, a
significant uplift in the starting salary of classroom teachers and overall
improvement to the early career pay offer is needed. This uplift will capitalise
on the school funding settlement secured at the 2021 Spending Review and
ensure schools invest in what we know makes the biggest difference to pupil
outcomes – a high-quality teaching workforce. As the department’s 2020/21
evidence set out, the evidence supports targeting pay awards at the early
career, plus this will ensure the pay offer better reflects the challenges
experienced at this career stage, complementing the department’s flagship
policies to better support and prepare these teachers through revising the
Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Core Content Framework and through roll-out of
the Early Career Framework (ECF). However, uplifts to early career pay
should be achieved alongside uplifts to the pay of more experienced
teachers, recognising the value that they add to the classroom and the
education system overall.

The Education Secretary’s evidence to the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) about the 2022 pay award.

Applies to England


Government evidence to the STRB: the 2022 pay award

PDF, 2.58 MB, 130 pages


The Secretary of State for Education’s evidence sets out proposals for how the pay awards for the academic years 2022 to 2023 and 2023 to 2024 should be applied to meet the government’s ambition to raise teacher starting salaries to £30,000.

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