Information, guidance and support for teachers and leaders on educating children during the coronavirus outbreak.

This page and information for parents will be updated regularly to include further resources and reflect the latest information and developments.

Remote education support: available now

The items in this section are available now.

Devices, internet access and digital education platforms

You can get help with technology, which includes information on:

All school and further education (FE) staff

You can access:

School staff

This support has been co-designed with schools. It is intended to support those looking for help to improve the quality of their remote provision in line with the expectations set out in the guidance for schools.

You can access:

FE staff

You can access:

Remote education support: available soon

The items in this section will be available later in the autumn 2020 term.


You’ll be able to access:

  • case studies and webinars on curriculum content choices and sequencing
  • a resources package, including guidance on selecting the right educational resources for your school
  • a self-assessment framework, to help school leaders and governors consider how to strengthen their remote education offer


You’ll be able to access new digital curriculum content and resources funded by the College Collaboration Fund.

Schools’ duty to provide remote education

Where a pupil, class, group or small number of pupils need to self-isolate, or there is a local lockdown requiring pupils to remain at home, DfE expects schools to be able to immediately offer them access to remote education. Schools should ensure remote education, where needed, is high-quality and aligns as closely as possible with in-school provision.

The Secretary of State has given a temporary continuity direction in order to require schools to provide remote education for state-funded, school-age children unable to attend school due to coronavirus (COVID-19). This came into effect on Thursday 22 October 2020. Read the remote education temporary continuity direction explanatory note for more information. The direction poses no additional expectations on the quality of remote education expected of schools beyond those set out in the guidance for schools published in June.

Remote education expectations for further education

As outlined in the FE autumn term guidance, FE providers can continue with remote education if it:

  • complements the overall offer
  • does not undermine the quality of education and engagement
  • counts for the minority of planned hours for all 16 to 19-year-old students

In exceptional circumstances where restrictions are put in place to contain local outbreaks or students are required to self-isolate, remote provision can be extended to meet students’ needs. FE providers should have contingency plans in place to move quickly to blended or, if necessary, remote education should the need arise.

Delivering remote education safely

You can access:

School-to-school support for coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery

The government is also funding school-to-school support for schools that need particular help with coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery, which can include support to develop remote education provision. System leaders in education provide support for an average of 5 days and in line with the current coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for schools.

Contact your local Regional School Commissioner’s office to find out more.

Catch-up support

To support pupils from falling behind, schools can spend their catch-up premium on contingency planning for remote education, for example purchasing additional devices or more textbooks.

The Education Endowment Foundation Covid-19 support guide for schools includes information on how to support effective remote education and access to technology.

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