Check administration guidance for headteachers and teachers administering and scoring the phonics screening check.

This collection of webpages is the ‘check administration guidance’.

Use this information to:

  • understand your statutory requirements relating to the phonics screening check
  • plan for the check
  • administer the check
  • submit your school’s check results


  1. Key stage 1: phonics screening check administration guidance
    • Guidance
  2. Phonics screening check: sample materials and training video
    • Guidance
  3. Key stage 1: administering the phonics screening check to year 2 pupils
    • Statutory guidance

Test dates

  1. Key stage 1 and key stage 2 test dates
    • Guidance

Monitoring visits

  1. Key stage 2 tests and phonics screening check: monitoring visits
    • Guidance


  1. Key stages 1 and 2: investigating allegations of maladministration
    • Statutory guidance

Published 9 April 2014
Last updated 7 September 2020 + show all updates

  1. Added link to the Key stage 1: administering the phonics screening check to year 2 pupils to guidance.

  2. Removed the phonics screening check threshold mark for 2019. We have agreed with Test Development colleagues that this is only being published on the ‘Phonics screening check: 2019 materials’ page.

  3. 2017 threshold published

  4. 2016 phonics screening threshold mark added.

  5. Updated to add guidance for the 2016 test cycle

  6. Now includes the 2015 phonics screening check materials.

  7. Content revised for the 2015 phonics screening check administration period.

  8. Planning wall chart updated for the 2014 to 2015 academic year.

  9. First published.