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RE-L Network: the Real Estate learning platform announces exclusive new Instructor Annual plan

RE-L Network, the dedicated marketplace for learning & teaching online Real Estate, Property Technology and anything about the Built Environnment Industry is delighted to announce the launch of its awaited new exclusive Annual Premium Plan. 

This new exclusive plan allows Instructors, Coaching professionals and Industry experts to enjoy RE-L Network unique features for a year-long membership. Priced at $399.99, the premium but affordable all-in-one plan saves 2 months of membership and includes all the highlights needed to perform as a top Online Instructor:

  • No transaction fees at all
  • 2 months free with the Annual Plan
  • all-in-one, all-included membership
  • unlimited students
  • unlimited courses and content hosting
  • 14-day free trial
  • cancel anytime for any reason
  • set-up your own pricing
  • personalized Certificates of Achievement to reward learners
  • Stripe processing system, secure instant payments
  • hassle-free teaching experience
  • easy and super fast onboarding process
  • and more…

RE-L Network business model allows Instructors to regain full control of their sales and income generated by their own work and dedication. Designing effective and engaging online courses is not easy, it demands time and hard work. We believe industry professionals and academics should be rewarded entirely for their commitment. That’s the reason why there are no transaction fees at RE-L Network.

RE-L Network has been created specifically for Real Estate profesignals, Instructors, Coaching Professionals and Academics with expertise in Real Estate, Architecture, Design, Photography, Finance, Construction, Marketing, Sales, Planning, Valuation… and everything about built environment. The teaching and learning platform also offers the opportunity to teach about modern topics such as Property Technology and Sustainability, Personal and Professional Development.

As an industry focused online marketplace, RE-L Network platform helps educators and professionals market and deliver their original content, monetize their knowledge and make an impact on their audience. RE-L Network mission is to disrupt the way people learn and earn online by connecting learners, students and professionals, to the best instructors from leading corporations and academic institutions.

As Real Estate is a fast moving industry, especially with recent technology leaps, real estate professionals, businesses and students need a dedicated place where they can learn faster and better. Being aware of the current industry trends, compliant, efficient commercially and technically is now a prerequisite for anyone willing to embrace a career in Real Estate and succeed.

This is where RE-L Network can add its expertise by facilitating the learning process and making education technology a cornerstone in the future of Real Estate education.

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