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Removal from register of apprenticeship training providers

How the Education and Skills Funding Agency (@ESFAgov) will intervene with #apprenticeship training providers that are graded inadequate by @Ofstednews. 

Removal from register of apprenticeship training providers and eligibility to receive public funding to deliver apprenticeship training



Describes the actions ESFA will take when an organisation receives an inadequate Ofsted grade for the delivery of apprenticeship training or overall effectiveness under its FE and Skills remit where there is no separate grade for apprenticeships.

This includes:

  • removing the organisation from the register of apprenticeship training providers and their eligibility to deliver apprenticeship training
  • suspending the recruitment of new apprentices
  • giving employers the choice for apprentices that have already started training

From 1 April 2021, Ofsted became the single body responsible for the inspection of apprenticeship training provision at all levels. 

Published 30 January 2018
Last updated 4 May 2021 – hide all updates

  1. Added information about remote progress monitoring visits for new providers

  2. Amended arrangements for Ofsted’s new provider visits.

  3. Update to Ofsted’s inspection policy for apprenticeship training

  4. Added information of Ofsted’s new provider monitoring visits

  5. First published.

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