Guidance for independent schools to help them with the 2021 school level annual school census (SLASC) return.


School level annual school census 2021 guide

Ref: DfE-00218-2020PDF, 570KB, 38 pages


This guide helps you prepare and submit your school’s 2021 school level annual school census (SLASC) return.

SLASC census day for registered independent schools is Thursday 21 January 2021.

SLASC records:

  • teaching and pupil numbers
  • courses of study
  • pupils with special educational needs
  • looked-after children

It also records:

  • charitable status
  • annual fees and boarding accommodation
  • details of new staff members and proprietors since the last census

School level annual school census: guide to submitting data has more information about submitting data for SLASC.

Published 14 December 2020