Guidance for social care providers about distributing the 2020 annual surveys and a promotional poster that they can use.


Social care online surveys 2021: guidance for providers


Social care online surveys 2021: promotional poster for providers

PDF, 326KB, 1 page

Social care online surveys 2021: promotional poster for providers

MS Word Document, 582KB


Annual surveys are Ofsted’s chance to hear what children and young people, parents, staff, social workers and other professionals say about children’s homes, adoption agencies, fostering services and residential family centres.

Providers send out links to the surveys on Ofsted’s behalf: the guidance explains how this works.

Providers can add the name of their service to the poster and use it to promote the online surveys.

We publish a report each year summarising the survey results.

Published 12 January 2016
Last updated 1 February 2021 + show all updates

  1. Our 2021 social care point in time survey is now live: this guidance for providers explains the process and how to send out links, along with a promotional poster.

  2. We have added the 2020 social care annual survey guidance for providers and accompanying poster.

  3. Updated guidance and promotional posters for social care providers for 2019 surveys.

  4. Updated the promotional poster: boarding schools can use this to publicise Ofsted’s annual surveys.

  5. Updated promotional poster for providers.

  6. Updated guidance and promotional poster for providers for the 2018 social care surveys.

  7. Added survey dates for further education colleges, boarding schools and residential special schools to the guidance and poster.

  8. Updated for 2017 survey: 19 June to 13 August 2017.

  9. First published.