Practical materials for primary and secondary schools to use to train staff to teach about the changing adolescent body, including puberty.


Changing adolescent body teacher training module

MS Powerpoint Presentation, 283KB


This training module supports the physical health and mental wellbeing section of the statutory relationships, sex and health education curriculum.

The module contains key knowledge and facts to help teachers understand what they must teach. It includes information on the physical and emotional changes in puberty, including menstrual wellbeing.

These slides should be adapted to suit individual school context. This can include adding your own videos and resources to make your teaching training sessions more visual and interactive.

Related topics

When planning your curriculum, consider how you will link these topics.

Changing adolescent body is closely related to:

The national curriculum for science also includes content in related areas, such as:

  • the main external body parts
  • changes to the human body (including puberty)
  • reproduction (including menstrual cycle)

Published 24 September 2020