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Statistics 24 enables educators delivering online lessons using video call technology to show attendance & engagement

Educators Delivering Online Learning through Google G-Suite @GoogleForEdu Turn to @24Statistics To Show Attendance & Engagement Through Dashboards and Analytics as the World Goes Online

2 million new users are turning to Google Meet each day and Google for Education is now supporting more than 100 million students and educators through Google Classroom.

In response to this unprecedented demand for trusted technology that helps education to stay open even when campuses might be closed C-Learning have announced that the leading dashboard analytics solution for users of Google for Education technology, Statistics 24, has now been updated with a range of new features following feedback from educators on what they need to have to monitor attendance and engagement in a world of online learning.

The new features added to Statistics24 now enable the millions of users of Google for Education software to audit time spent using Google Meet / Hangouts for online learning or work, as well as the use of the popular Jamboard application.

Statistics24 already provided dashboards and detailed analytics on the use of Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Classroom and Google Forms, but the addition of Hangouts / Meet was in specific response to unprecedented growth in educators delivering online lessons using the leading Google Hangout / Meet video call technology. 

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C Learning Statistics24Using Statistics24 educators can secure unprecedented insights into learning patterns and behaviour online including whether students are studying at unusual times that may indicate a need for enhancing study skills among wider insights.

The powerful dashboard solution also provides insights into what devices learners are using and already those using Statistics24 have reported insights into the devices being used by students that may not have been what IT procurement managers may have expected, and just in case anyone is still using an old operating system that’s vulnerable to cyber threats, Statistics highlights that also.

Co-Founder of Statistics 24 and Chief Operating Officer Neil King said;

“With school and college campuses closed across the world, we’ve seen an unprecedented increase in educators needing to know when students (and staff) are working at home. What started as a way to audit time spent using G Suite for quality reports and funding purposes has grown in functionality and is being used in ways we never envisioned. It’s the feedback and feature suggestions from our users that has driven Statistics 24 forward to become the unique and powerful tool it is today both inside and outside of the classroom.

“The closure of campuses will only be temporary, but now that more students and staff have experienced first-hand the benefits of being able to work and teach remotely, many of these benefits will stay forever and this matters because it’s something that students will need to experience and master for their future in the digital workplace. An ability to operate effectively from any location is a requirement for success in the world we are in.” 

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Steven Hope, Head of Independent Learning at Leeds City College, part of the Luminate Education Group, said;

“I am not surprised that Statistics 24 is becoming vital for education in these times of more remote learning due to the pandemic. S24 has been vital for us as a tool to show learning using the suite of Google tools we use at top level but also more granularly.  We know for example that we have delivered over 41,000 hours through Google G-Suite sessions across our FE colleges (Leeds, Harrogate and Keighley) in the 2 weeks from closing the doors to learners to Easter (23rd March to 3rd April) and we know that learners were in attendance and engaged. Another great example is the support it provides for quality assurance with our use of the imark (a way we report on students who make progress against learning intentions outside of the 4 walls of the building for an isolated instance eg poorly child, caring responsibility or even a driving test). 

“For us Statistics24 has been a vital cog in our reporting wheel for learning since 2016.’


C-Learning Executive Chairman Jamie Smith said:

Statistics 24 was literally built by educators for educators. When we created it, Neil and myself were both working in education and having been part of a digital transformation where Google for Education technology had transformed learning for the better we recognised a need to add something that would amplify the impact even more. The ability for teachers to stay in control in an online learning environment matters just as the ability to direct matters to any coach. There was also a need for those who work in quality or the funding side of education to be able to demonstrate that students were actively present in an online learning space and to have detailed analysis on that activity. Statistics 24 enables that and we are immensely proud to be part of something that is making life better for educators across the world. The foundations of Statistics 24 were built on listening to what matters to educators, and it’s continuing to listen to the experts in education that will also build its future”.

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