From education to employment

Employment company Seetec continues to help people to create a secure future

Julie Coward from Rochdale struggled to find full-time employment due to her lack of permanent address, bank details or any form of ID i.e passport or a driving license and had almost given up hope of being able to secure a full-time job.

 Along with others in the Rochdale area, Julie turned to specialist employment, skills, and rehabilitation company Seetec. Julie received the one to one support she needed to assist her in obtaining her missing documents and secured a full-time career in the JD Sports warehouse in Oldham.

Working as a part-time cleaner Julie struggled to find full-time employment but with help from Seetec Julie began the process of applying for UK ID card, a bank account and dealing with her housing issue, which made it possible for Julie to start applying for full-time jobs. 

With the unemployment rate currently at 4.3% and the homelessness rate currently around 250,000 in the UK, many people find some barriers too difficult to face, however, Seetec aims to help people break down these walls one step at a time. Whether this is support with CV writing, applying for jobs or aiding people to seek the help they need for mental or physical health issues, Seetec has help over 100,000 people across the UK to date.

Julie said: “At the beginning, I didn’t know where to start, the barriers seemed too hard to overcome and I felt I was going round in circles, I was working part-time but I really wanted to find something more permanent and settle down. Seetec has helped me to get a full-time job, they have also helped me to get a bank account which means I can now be paid for my job. They have helped me so much and I would like to thank them for all their help.”

Richard Purkhardt, Customer Advisor, said: “Julie is really happy with herself in gaining full-time employment, she is always smiling and her confidence and motivation is sky high. Julie is looking to improve her skills with in-house training. Many people have huge barriers to overcome before returning to work but with time and one to one support we see successful integration back into the workplace.

Seetec is one of the largest and most experienced providers of welfare to work, skills and rehabilitation support across the UK and Republic of Ireland. Supporting over 100,000 customer’s every year fulfill their full potential.

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