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Imperial College refreshes strategy for achieving excellence in education

The @ImperialCollege Strategy 2020-2025 will guide Imperial’s mission to achieve enduring excellence in research and education for the benefit of society.

The refreshed College Strategy 2020-2025 builds on the College’s vision for the future articulated in its Strategy 2015-20, extending its ambitions through the Academic Strategy and additional aspirations.

The refresh of the College Strategy was supported by Council, President’s Board and colleagues from across the College. The College Strategy 2020-2025 acknowledges the accomplishments of staff and students since 2015and guides the community through new challenges to realise the College’s mission of excellence in research and education.

Harnessing our collective strength

Professor Alice Gast standing at the main entrance to the College

The College Strategy continues to be framed by the College’s strong foundations and talented, diverse and inspirational people who make up the university community. A central theme is the importance of Imperial’s partners and enablers in making its work possible and helping the College to deliver benefit to society through its research and education.

In her Foreword, the College’s President, Professor Alice Gast, praised the resilience of the College community in tackling the unprecedented challenges of 2020:

‘The COVID-19 crisis has showed, more than ever, the value of a strong strategy, the ability to take risks, and the need to act courageously. Right across College, our staff and students have risen to the challenges bringing expertise and discovery in epidemiology, diagnostics, therapies, clinical practices, policies and economic impact to address the pandemic.’

President Gast added: ‘Whilst we cannot know what challenges and opportunities lie ahead, our Strategy 2020-2025 highlights the importance of harnessing our collective strength to deliver our mission.’

The Strategy in action

The Strategy 2020-2025 sets out a vision for Imperial as a place for ground-breaking research, world-changing collaborations and critical policy interventions, acknowledging key strategic developments at the College over the last five years.

One of these strategic developments is the launch of the College’s new Academic Strategy which provides a cohesive direction for the College to focus its activity, build partnerships and uncover new opportunities. The Academic Strategy sets out four themes in which, right now and in the future, the College will seek to accelerate New Discoveries. The Strategy 2020-2025 also acknowledges the progress the College has made through its Learning and Teaching Strategy to provide a globally leading educational experience, equipping students with the skills and knowledge to be future leaders.

Building a supportive, diverse, inclusive and highly motivated staff community is another fundamental component of the College’s mission as outlined in its Strategy, underpinned by the College’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy which expresses Imperial’s desire to be more proactive, and more courageous, in its efforts to be truly inclusive.

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