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Life support training gives students a taste of normality again

Life support training and Resuscitation training
@BordersCollege HNC Care and Administrative Practice students recently attended a session of scenario-based practical training, with the aim of ensuring they are safe, confident responders in an emergency setting.

The Basic Life Support and Resuscitation training day was part of the essential skills that the students learn, along with Basic Life Support and Automatic External Defibrillation (AED) training.

The class of 20 were split into two groups, attending morning and afternoon sessions, and, following detailed risk assessments, strict Covid 19 guidance was adhered to, keeping the students and course tutor safe.

Using the Borders College Technology Care Hub (BTECH) allowed the students to be seated in accordance with the current guidelines, with seat covers applied to all chairs and equipment and all surfaces sanitized between students. PPE was supplied and worn by the students to familiarise and prepare them for clinical environments.

Student Mya Pearce commented:

“Even though circumstances are not totally normal, being able to come into College is beneficial, as we can do some practical work and meet other people face-to-face. There are procedures in place to ensure we can learn and be safe at the same time.”

Student Alix Martin Commented:

“Going into College is very helpful as it gives a bit of normality back by getting to use the equipment physically and being able to meet with other people that are in the course. I felt safe and the area was very clean.”

The delivery of this course has, due to coronavirus restrictions, been mostly by remote learning. However, many skills in the care setting require hands-on experience and simulation so attending College was vital in completing the training.

The students also completed the Scottish Infection Prevention & Control Education Pathway (SIPCEP) which underpins knowledge and core behaviour linked to infection control precautions.

Lecturer Evelyn Chelley commented:

“Remote learning and digital engagement does have its positives. Digital transformation now involves all nursing and health care staff and it’s about thinking differently and embracing new technologies and systems.

“The Borders College HNC CAP students are gaining many digital skills which are useful, effective and will increase confidence; as well as help to influence them in their future workplaces.”​

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