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‘Roadmap’ empowers institutions to set their course for digital excellence

Informed by extensive research into learners’ experiences and expectations of technology, the roadmap has been updated following over 77,500 student responses to Jisc’s digital experience insights survey, gathered over three years.

The roadmap – which has been updated from a benchmarking tool Jisc previously developed with the National Union of Students (NUS) and The Student Engagement Partnership (TSEP) – is now freely available online.

It enables institutions to identify gaps in their digital provision, while allowing students to compare their digital experiences to others’.

Reflecting on the digital insights survey that informs the roadmap, Sarah Knight, Jisc’s head of change in the student experience team, notes:

“Student partnerships are key to driving innovation. Our digital experience insights surveys and the roadmap help universities and colleges to inform their digital strategy and practice, engaging students and staff in productive discussions to create the best outcomes for all.”

The digital experience staff insights survey is open until the end of June 2019. Universities and colleges can also sign up now to participate in 2019-2020 surveys.

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