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The Corporate Governance Institute introduces six new certificates aimed at enhancing leadership skills

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As part of its efforts to drive learning across the globe, the leader in corporate governance education has released six new career certificates tailored to help existing and aspiring directors acquire knowledge of the current standards in corporate sustainability and governance practices.

The institute was founded by seasoned leaders in corporate governance and education with the goal of training and certifying next-generation directors and board members from all backgrounds.

Katie Burke, Chief Operating Officer at The Corporate Governance Institute, states the increased scrutiny of directors and boards reiterates the need for education in core areas among key decision-makers.

“These qualifications are increasingly required of directors, and incompetent boards and directors receive less sympathy from the public. We are delighted to announce the launch of six new certificates to help aspiring and existing directors reach their goal of becoming well-educated effective leaders in 2023”.

The new certificate courses from CGI provide hands-on experience to rapidly master critical leadership skills and give the opportunity to learn from expert ESG and corporate governance practitioners on topics including:

Best Practice in ESG Reporting

“For anyone who wants to be cutting edge with reporting trends. This course focuses on the specialist skills required to deliver strong ESG reporting”.

Best Practice in ESG and Risk Management

“For executives who want to demonstrate collaborative thinking and rapidly understand how ESG fits into the risk management framework”.

The importance of governance in ESG

“For anyone who wants to be known as a “next generation” leader and receive a comprehensive introduction to corporate governance”.

Fundamentals of Risk Management for Directors

“For executives who want to interact convincingly with decision-makers and learn the essentials of managing, monitoring and responding to risk”.

Getting Your Next Non-Executive Director (NED) Role

“For aspiring leaders looking for their next challenge, focusing on the skills required to become a non-executive director.

The Board’s Role in Organisational Culture

“For anyone who wants to be an expert in ethical practices in their business. This course will allow members to get a thorough understanding of the board’s responsibility for good culture”.

Katie concludes: “We developed these six certificates to enable aspiring and experienced directors to connect and learn from one another in a global community that prizes good governance and believes in leadership’s role in business performance. In today’s ever-changing world, the expansion of our course and diploma offerings will give willing and motivated individuals the ability to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to lead and stay competitive.”

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