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Watford firm wins £2.1 million funding to help NEETs into education, training or apprenticeships

The Consultancy Home Counties Ltd wins ESF ESFA contract to Support Young People in Employment, Education and Apprenticeships.

The Consultancy Home Counties Ltd (TCHC) has for many years supported young people with training and mentoring to progress into a positive and brighter future. They will be able to extend this great work after having won funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) and Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to support young people in the Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough area who are NEET or at risk of becoming NEET (Not in Employment Education or Training).

The funding of £2.1 million will help young people from across Cambridgeshire, Fenland and West Norfolk to gain qualifications and achieve goals such as getting a job, into education, training or an apprenticeship.

TCHC will lead a partnership to support young people to achieve their career goals. The funding will enable over 1300, 15-24 year olds to receive tailored support over the next three years.

The programme will provide work experience and pre-employment training opportunities including route-ways to traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities. It will also offer English, Maths, I.T, Business Start-Up and vocational training as well as employment trials, internships and volunteering opportunities.

Courtney Grinham Managing Director of TCHC said:

“We are delighted to be offered the opportunity to develop and help young people, their families and the community.

TCHC has a strong track record of working with young people and helping them to achieve their ambitions, and with this funding we will be able to assist many more young people to accomplish their dreams.”

The programme starts in April 2019 and will run until July 2021.

The programme will be delivered between April 2019 and July 2021 and is funded by the European Social Fund and the Education Skills Funding Agency

The target groups for this programme include:

  • Those in school/college at risk
  • Those not attending schools or educated at home 15-16
  • SEND learners
  • Leaners with an ECH plan aged 15-24
  • Apprentices aged 16-18 who are at risk of losing their job due to underperformance or attendance who might become NEET

About TCHC: Incorporated in 2004 and is the leading private sector organisation in the East of England; offering a holistic service to organisations and individuals ranging from business advice to management training. Over the past 15 years the company has gained a wealth of experience and a reputation second to none in the delivery of  employability and skills development. We deliver under various government funded training projects. Currently it includes support for jobseekers, those affected by redundancy, skills support for those working and employment support for young people.

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