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Young people need support with employment opportunities with many out of work, new data has revealed


Data released by the Office of National Statistics (@ONS) this week highlights that the unemployment impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been significant for young people in the UK. 

Those aged 18 to 24 had the highest unemployment rate between February and April 2021, with their figure of 10.4% being considerably greater than the 3.6% of 25 to 49-year-olds and 3.6% of over 50’s.  

Research suggests that the UK’s current unemployment figure is only set to increase, with support measures like the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (furlough) protecting more than 11.5 million jobs since the pandemic began.

According to forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility, some 6.5% of workers, around 2.2 million people, could be unemployed at the end of the year when the scheme comes to an end – something that is likely to have a significant impact

This number is a significant jump from the latest unemployment figure from the ONS which showed that, overall, 4.5% of employees were out of work between February and April 2021.

Whilst every demographic has been affected by the pandemic, those new to the working world could be struggling to find employment due to a lack of support and guidance.

Of all young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) in the UK between January to March 2021, almost half (44%) were looking for and available to work, according to ONS data. 

This figure, coupled with the predicted forthcoming unemployment increase, highlights the need for greater collaboration between businesses and educational establishments in tackling youth unemployment.

Expert digital training providers Virtual College offer a range of online skills courses that will help young people ready themselves for finding employment and focus on preparing young people for the job application and recruitment process.

Sarah Baker, Chief Learning Officer at Virtual College, said:

“We can’t ignore the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on employment, in particular the effect it has had on the younger generation and their confidence around job searching. 

“Our collection of personal and professional development resources and courses can be easily accessed and aim to provide bitesize help and advice for anyone struggling to kickstart their careers. Designed to be accessed anytime and anywhere, they allow the individual complete flexibility in their approach to learning and total control over when they conduct their chosen course.”

The expert digital training providers offer a range of online skills courses to help young people ready themselves for finding employment. 

Included in the company’s Personal and Professional Development resource collection are courses for Confidence Building Techniques, Presentation Skills and creating a Personal Brand, all of which are perfect for those preparing for professional job interviews.

Anyone struggling to stay motivated in their job search will benefit from Virtual College’s free Growth Mindset course and the Personal Development and Self Awareness course, which provides valuable skills and guidance to any young person looking to begin a career but unsure of where to start.

The training provider has seen a significant increase in the number of people using their learning and development courses during the past year, demonstrating the need for comprehensive and accessible training resources when facing job difficulties or unemployment. 

Their website offers hundreds of useful courses that can help those in the 16-24 age bracket to acquire the skills they need to be successful in the job market both during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

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