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Education Scotland gives Borders College a thumbs up

Border College Students

On November 2023, Education Scotland’s HM Inspectors conducted their annual visit to Borders College, engaging with learners, staff, stakeholders, and senior managers. The inspectors identified numerous significant strengths in the college’s operations and highlighted several positive areas of activity during the visit.

The report emphasises that full-time Further Education courses at Borders College surpass the sector average for learner success in Scotland. Furthermore, Higher Education courses have consistently achieved a completion rate exceeding the sector norm over the past four years.

In addition, students identified in key equality groups who have declared a disability and learners who identify as female are also higher than the sector norm for further education sector in Scotland.

Borders College Principal Pete Smith said:

“The achievement of learners stands as a crucial benchmark for every college in Scotland. The evidence unequivocally demonstrates that Borders College excels in both Further and Higher Education, affirming that our students benefit from the finest learning and success opportunities provided by the dedicated lecturers and support staff at Borders College.”

The report also noted the integration of Meta-skills, enhancing employability post-course completion. The newly implemented Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) empowers students to create digital portfolios, enabling them to prepare for interviews and work towards achieving positive outcomes after their time at the college.

Borders College Students’ Association (BCSA) were also praised for their work in representing students and in providing student activities with the work of Achievement Coaches also singled out for praise for their work in providing discreet and appropriate support for students who are reluctant to disclose some of their own personal learning requirements. Learners at Borders College also benefit from industrial placements with local employers with students valuing the practical experience gained from these placements.

There were no points for action identified in the report by Education Scotland who will continue to work with Borders College through the college link HM Inspector.

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