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City College Plymouth Joins Global Amazon Web Services Academy for Cloud Tech Curriculum

City College Plymouth has joined the global cloud computing education movement being spearheaded by Amazon Web Services.

The College plans to offer the new tech skills to students and apprentices studying with them on subjects including machine learning, security, and data analytics.

Already acknowledged as a Google Reference College and an established Google partner, City College is set to deliver courses from the Amazon Web Services Academy (AWS Academy) this year. Run by the renowned technology giant, AWS Academy provides educators with a ready-to-teach cloud computing curriculum to prepare students for industry-recognised certifications and in-demand cloud tech jobs.

Since growing in popularity in the early 2000s, cloud technology has enabled companies of all sizes to scale and adapt at speed, accelerate innovation, drive business agility, streamline operations, and reduce costs – all achieved without significant investment in hardware or technical support staffing. As cloud tech is predicted to dominate both current and future business formats, City College believes that graduates with skills in cloud technology will be highly sought after by companies across a wide variety of sectors.

Paul Fanshawe, the College’s Executive of Business Intelligence, Skills & Growth, views embedding cloud technology training into the College’s curriculum as the latest move to support the city’s plan to make Plymouth a major digital hub for the south west.

“Cloud computing is rated by LinkedIn as the number one hard skill companies need most,” he explains.

“Our local businesses use cloud tech daily, and its role in how our businesses operate is only going to increase. Cloud computing skills transcend industries and geography, making them essential to the employability of our students. Through the AWS Academy program, we are directly helping our local employers to modernise their businesses and close their cloud skills gap by creating a ready-to-go, tech savvy workforce right here in Plymouth.”

Jess Gilmore, Global Program Lead of AWS Academy says,

“Professionals with cloud skills are in high demand as more organisations invest in their future with the cloud. We’re proud to help City College Plymouth advance the training and learning opportunities for its students. With AWS Academy, students will be equipped with the in-demand, practical cloud skills they need to land high-quality jobs in one of the fastest growing industries.”

Those interested in the Amazon Web Services Academy cloud computing courses are encouraged to visit here for more information.

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