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Feeding the future tech talent pipeline: Staffordshire University London doubles in size after completing its campus expansion

  • Earlier this year Staffordshire University London announced it was investing £3.5m into its state-of-the-art London campus with the expansion and creation of new facilities now finished for its students to use. 
  • This includes new dedicated spaces anchored to an innovative study and work ethos including the Production Warehouse, Data Junction, and Digital Loft 
  • It will be launching new courses in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & Informatics and Financial Technologies in 2022 and is developing programmes in Virtual Production, Entertainment Technologies, Mobile Games Development, Games Programming and Cybercrime which will all be utilising the new space too.

Staffordshire University London has completed its work to double the size of its state-of-the-art campus. 

The expansion brings more open plan spaces, digital facilities, and social areas to Staffordshire University London which is located at Here East adjacent to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 

As a University, Staffordshire University London is dedicated to creating the next generation of learning, teaching, and working spaces for its staff, students and visiting stakeholders.

Staffordshire University wanted to build upon its existing award-winning estate with a focus on providing an atmosphere of collaboration and interactivity for all who study, work, and visit the University.  

Staffordshire University London now comprises three distinct areas, and images of the completed work can be seen here:

  • The Production Warehouse. This new Virtual Production suite incorporates AR, VR and motion capture tracking technology. A fully equipped post-production suite has also been developed to enhance the learning experience of Games and Esports students.
  • The Data Junction. Staffordshire University London’s new future thinking centre for computer science students has been created to accelerate its commitment to digitally focused academic areas. With technology integrated throughout the space, including a Cisco network rack room, live cyber threat streams and wirelessly connected learning resources.
  • The Digital Loft. The new social hub for students and staff includes Reload, a showpiece retro gaming café, which features innovative touch screen tables for food orders and getting live updates on activities and events on campus. The space also includes collaboration zones, a presentation space and a faith room.

The expansion enables Staffordshire University London to continue to offer cutting-edge degrees for careers of the future by allowing its students to learn in state-of-the-art facilities that mirror the environments they will work in after graduation.

Its industry connections and emphasis on practical skills will make its graduates among the most employable in the UK – especially with the University expanding its course offerings in 2022, providing students with the chance to undertake degrees in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & Informatics and Financial Technologies. 

In order to fuel the pipeline of digitally skilled talent we need for the UK economy to prosper; it is important Universities provide everyone -from school and college leaders to mature students who want to reskill – the chance to develop the skills required for jobs of the future. State of the art facilities and programs, like what is available at Staffordshire University London, will make this possible.

Director of Staffordshire University London Matt Brindley-Sadler said: 

“Staffordshire University London is at the heart of an ecosystem of emerging industries and innovation in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 

“We’re delighted that the work to double the size of our campus has now been completed. We wanted to expand our campus for our students by providing an atmosphere where innovation and creativity can flourish and they are empowered to create the uncreated. This approach has been reinforced  by a recent international recruiter who visited the campus who said, ‘It is fantastic to be able to walk into a 2030 campus in 2021’.

“Our Students at Staffordshire University will become pioneers of the future, and we’re pleased we’re able to equip them with the skills and knowledge for the jobs of tomorrow through our state-of-the-art facilities and courses.” 

Mike Magen, COO at Here East said:

“We’re delighted that Staffordshire University London has finished its work to double the size of its campus and that new courses will be offered to students as a result of the expansion.

“As a valued member of the Here East education and innovation ecosystem, we’ve always been pleased to partner with Staffordshire University London.  From our scholarship programme to our Industry Insights initiative, which enabled young people living in East London to learn the key skills required for a career in esports. 

“It’s great that Staffordshire University London will be able to use its new facilities and offerings to continue to bridge the gap between education and industry moving forwards”.

Jaime Beth, a Esports L4 Student at Staffordshire University London said:

“The new SUL campus is a beautifully productive space, fully equipped with incredible facilities for all the courses taught here. The communal areas are brilliant too, and it’s such a friendly space to be!” 

Oscar Asewando, Cyber Security L5 student at Staffordshire University London said:

“The new campus is NOTHING like what I was expecting! To begin with, the layouts actively encourage us to collaborate with our peers by placing stations around each other rather than having them all forward-facing. In a working environment, there is no ‘front of the class’ and you should always be collaborating with your department to reach goals.

“Areas are also open-plan, allowing students of different paths to naturally become more comfortable with one another and use our talents for greater things. It’s clear that Staffs has evolved and thought deeply about what truly matters in our ever-changing world.” 

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