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RE-L Network joins Microsoft for Startups program 

RE-L Network, the #edtech platform for the real estate industry, has been accepted into Microsoft global program for high-potential growth startups.

This is an impressive move forward as RE-L Network will benefit from a world-class digital ecosystem with access to the latest technology, personalized mentoring and business support.

‘’Joining a such selective program is an important milestone for RE-L Network. We’re excited and honored to be part of this thriving initiative. As we are reaching market validation, Microsoft for Startups program will help us build and scale our exclusive platform for the real estate industry, making RE-L Network the leading player in its field.’’ said Rabai and Tarik, RE-L Network founders.

Partnering with Microsoft, one of the most prominent technology company in the world, will boost RE-L Network awareness, growth capabilities and bring users top-notch technology standards. This partnership is also the opportunity to create a synergy between RE-L Network’s offering and some of the largest Microsoft’s clients. Microsoft for Startups has already unlocked +$1 billion in sales opportunities for B2B & B2C startups like RE-L Network. 

RE-L Network is committed to leverage these business opportunities and accelerate the development of its products designed for entreprises. Rabai and Tarik added: ‘’Microsoft for Startups comes at the perfect time for us to achieve our next milestones: we can’t wait to unlock RE-L Network’s fullest potential, reach new markets and solve our customers challenges.’’

About RE-L Network:

RE-L Network is the live coaching, courses and events platform for the real estate industry. RE-L Network helps real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, experts and creators monetize their talent, live or off-line. The dedicated education marketplace supports anyone to turn knowledge and experience into a scalable digital business, and make an impact on peoples lives.

The platform provides all the tools to create and deliver unlimited live events and training sessions, workshops, courses and coaching programs in just a few clicks. 

Professionals and students can get a coach anytime and be inspired by the best in the industry. We connect people with great talents and grow their career.

RE-L Network purpose is to offer an outstanding experience and deliver education effectively through interactive, engaging and immersive content formats. RE-L Network is making real estate education more accessible and inclusive: for anyone, anywhere and anytime.

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