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ARPCE 2nd International Research Conference

Geoffrey Elliott is professor of post-compulsory education and president of the Association for Research in Post-Compulsory Education

The Association for Research in Post-Compulsory Education (ARPCE) will be holding its second international research conference in Harris Manchester College, Oxford from 8th – 10th July 2016. The conference theme is simply ‘Research in Post-Compulsory Education’, with the organisers confident that they will repeat the success of the first conference held in 2014 in attracting presenters and contributions from around the world and with a wide range of aspects of post compulsory education (PCE) being featured including professional education, adult learning, further and higher education, work based learning, community education.

The conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in PCE from many different countries, and to provide an opportunity for participants to spend 3 days in inspirational surroundings sharing ideas and projects with like-minded people. The ARPCE committee is keen to attract early career researchers, those with teaching or professional roles in post-compulsory education, as well as established researchers and journal contributors. Registration is now open here.

The ARPCE is an international organisation which aims to promote and disseminate research in all forms of education available to those who are above the school leaving age. It is understood that local variation throughout the world is related to the relationship between education and employment and to the connection between lack of socio-economic capital and access to teaching and learning and employment opportunities. The Association’s emphasis on investigations into vocational education and training (VET) provision and continuing professional development (CPD) helps to raise awareness of many of these issues. Additional perspectives of those involved in community education research, including the interests of marginalised groups in society are equally valued and valuable.

One of the key aims of ARPCE is the need to promote exchange of expertise underpinned by solution-focused research with a view to supporting policy makers and practice-based researchers and anyone with a responsibility for improving post-compulsory educational provision.

ARPCE believes that socially responsible, independent critical research into post-compulsory education is a powerful force to influence students, teachers, employers, administrators and policymakers in order to:

  • raise awareness of the intellectual, social, economic and political value of research in post-compulsory education;
  • Improve the quality of research particularly by supporting capacity building of practitioners to undertake research in their given sector;
  • provide examples of good practice which support national and international knowledge transfer;
  • critique current government policy in post compulsory education to help inform the development of future policy
  • support the development of the global citizen with local and global responsibilities.

ARPCE seeks to promote and disseminate research and stimulate debate by means of:

  • a biennial international research conference to promote and disseminate scholarly work in and on post-compulsory education;
  • an international peer reviewed journal Research in Post-Compulsory Education; published quarterly by Taylor & Francis;
  • a website with forum for discussions and networking opportunities
  • a programme of regional seminars.

Geoffrey Elliott is professor of post-compulsory education and president of the Association for Research in Post-Compulsory Education

For further information about the conference or the work of the ARPCE contact [email protected]

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