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Is it the end of Degree Apprenticeships for the Professions?

The Government’s Institute of Apprenticeships and Technical Education (@IFATEched) is in the midst of a consultation, due to end on the 16th of this month (September), on the future shape of degree and post-graduate apprenticeships.

Working across multiple apprenticeships and EPAOs as a Training Provider

In this episode of the NOCN EPA Uncovered Podcast, NOCN Group's (@NOCNGroup) Director of Apprenticeships Thomas Burton is joined by Julie Broadhead and Barbara Van Der Eecken of Babington (@_Babington), to discuss how a provider with multiple apprenticeships and End Point Assessment Organisations manages the apprenticeship provision. 

How skills competitions are advancing EPA readiness

In the very first episode of the EPA Uncovered Podcast, @NOCNGroup speak with NCG's Ross Radford on how a group of 6 colleges has made the transition from frameworks to standards and how the implementation of skill competitions have developed their EPA readiness plans.

Learning lessons and leveraging new technologies to break down barriers in education

In March last year when the country went into lockdown, I don’t think anyone imagined that one year on many in the sector would still be working remotely, trying to navigate the ‘new normal’ and all of the challenges it brings.

Skills for Jobs White Paper - The Level 4 and 5 Challenge

In the FE #SkillsForJobs White Paper, @GavinWilliamson sets the bar high when it comes to his vision for its impact:

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