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Managers Look To Government For Support in Retraining and Upskilling The Workforce

@cmi_managers - Managers Look To Government For Support in Retraining and Upskilling The Workforce New CMI findings reveal UK managers’ call for Government support beyond JRS - and potential solutions to the UK training gap.

When Personal and Professional Lives Collide - How to Approach #WorkingFromHomeLife when the Schools Close

@CMI_Managers offers new guidance on how to cope in changing circumstances as children are set to become a more visible part of the UK’s working landscape  The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has long been a champion of flexible working, but in the unique circumstances we find ourselves in, many have had both working from home and increased parenting duties thrust upon them at the same moment. While these measures are necessary to stem the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, they present parents with a unique set of challenges.

Levelling up through management apprenticeships

Despite some criticism, the evidence is that management degree apprenticeships are creating opportunities in just the #LeftBehind regions, sectors and socio-economic groups that need them most. 

Management Degree Apprenticeships: New CMI Data Challenges Misconceptions

The Chartered Management Institute (@CMI_Managers)’s latest data shows the socio-economic benefits of the qualification and the diversity of apprentices.

Good management and leadership skills are vital for the success of both employers and employees

Level Up Your Job Prospects With Management Skills @CMI_Managers  New research from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has shown that graduates entering the employment market will materially boost their chances of employment and earning potential by gaining qualifications in management and leadership.


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