Articles from Jakiya Rahman

Cambridge is the most educated city in the UK

Top Ten UK Cities for Economic Growth Revealed.

Recognising the difference between committed working habits and work addiction #FutureofWork

The growth of technology combined with the idea that we need to work harder to achieve more is a popular concept in the modern workplace.

UK Employees Work an Average of 6.3 Unpaid Hours a Week

66% of UK employees work an average of 6.3 hours per week without pay with around 22% admitting to working more than 10 unpaid hours over five days according to a new report by ADP.

Five Ways to Beat Imposter Syndrome at Work

The overwhelming feeling of crippling self-doubt and dread known as Imposter Syndrome has impacted a whopping 62% of people at work, according to a report by Access Commercial Finance.

Eight Ways to Crush the Career Blues in 2019 #BlueMonday

January can be tough. A combination of debt, cold weather, time since Christmas, low motivation and failed New Year’s resolutions sees the most depressing day of the year also known as Blue Monday fall on 21 January this year.