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How the Electronic Communications Code Change the UK Telecoms Property Market https://t.co/yMDspnjK91 #ENTIRELY… https://t.co/mvWbNE07Mi
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Is it Time for The Four-Day Working Week? #AugustBankHoliday

Research found by Zapier shows that just over half of UK workers (51%) want to work a four-day work week every week, not just when there's a bank holiday weekend – favouring the idea of working longer hours Monday to Thursday and taking Friday to Sunday off.

House prices 25% higher in top university cities may be stifling #talent

This is how much Top Universities impact rent prices in Student Cities

Top 3 Trend for Jobs and Skills Impacted by #Automation and Technological Advances in Smart Cities

How Smart Cities Around the World Impact Workplace Trends. As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology for efficiency and success, a report by IDC shows an estimated two-thirds of global cities will be investing in smart city technology by up to $135 billion by 2021.

The Green Benefits of #FlexibleWorking

According to research by Instant Offices, more companies are embracing the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) with the green trend thriving across the workplace. By allowing more employees to work from home or telecommute more often, businesses can rapidly become more energy efficient.