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How Can Social Mobility Improve Youth Employment? The Catch22Minutes Podcast

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Many of us have experienced the benefits of our social capital when job hunting – whether it’s a referral from a friend of a friend, a former colleague, or just meeting someone at the event you happened to get an invite to.

Social capital brings networks, it brings trust and security, and it brings a sense of belonging. With that, it brings individuals the confidence to step up and stand out in the workplace. Research has shown that social capital can even predict work performance – and it helps with job searching, pay and the potential for promotions.

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Charlotte Turner, Director of Bean Research – whose focus is on social impact research and Lee Elliot Major, the UK’s first Professor of Social Mobility, based at the University of Exeter, whose work is dedicated to improving the prospects of disadvantaged young people.

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Catch22Minutes Podcast 

In each episode of Catch22Minutes, we delve into some of today’s major social challenges, sharing case studies and inviting frontline experts, industry leaders and young people to speak – all in pursuit of reforming public services.

For the first series, hosted by Catch22’s Director of Communications Melissa Milner, we are focussing on youth employment.

We discuss how society can better prepare young people for today’s job market, and what businesses and government can do to open up future opportunities.

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