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Self Centred with Roann: New podcast episode featuring David Price OBE

Roann Ghosh, host of Self Centred with Roann

“To what extent are we going to let these things be someone else’s problem, the next generation’s problem? Or are we actually going to say, let’s re-evaluate the economic wealth disparities around the world?” – @DavidPriceOBE on Self Centred with Roann (@francghosh)

“It takes guts to follow your own path, to unmute, and to show up in life as a true and authentic version of yourself.” – Roann Ghosh, host of Self Centred with Roann.

Hosted by former BBC/ITN journalist turned successful entrepreneur Roann Ghosh, Self Centred with Roann podcast follows conversations with purpose-led individuals and sets out new ways of thinking, living, and working.

On Thursday 29th October, Roann will welcome David Price OBE- co-founder of We Do Things Differently, a UK culture change consultancy. David is a global thought leader and author, specialising in helping organisations learn, innovate and make themselves fit for the future. In 2009, he was awarded the OBE for services to education.

In this episode, the pair discuss how the response to COVID-19 has shone a light on people-powered innovation, how you can find your way out of a career and life that you aren’t passionate about, and why line-managers are no longer necessary.

David, who recently released a book titled ‘The Power of Us’, offers listeners and readers a tool kit of ideas to show how we can foster our own cultures of creatives, in order to transform our lives for a better future. On the podcast, he says: “We need to create a culture that is so rich that ideas flourish from the bottom up and that innovation spreads horizontally, not just vertically. So we’ll not just have more successful organisations, but inevitably we’ll have the kind of diversity in our organisations where people actually look out for one another.”

David explains why so many people have found themselves within a system that dictates their way of living distracting them from finding their true passion and purpose. For David, the education system plays a huge role in this as the initial foundation for our experiences: “I’ve spent around 30 years in education, and I speak to parents all the time who still haven’t found their passion or the thing that drives them. I think we have to start with our education system – the only way you can find out what drives you or really fulfils you is the ability to be able to out try lots of different things, and have lots of different experiences. There is an incredible school in Cambodia called the Liga Leadership Academy, where they’re set up to create leaders of the future. How do they do that? Well, they don’t scaffold skills or knowledge, they scaffold experiences.”

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