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Autism and Inclusive Practice with Nicola Beldham – Universal Learning with Saj Mohammad #1

Universal Learning with Saj Mohammad

Universal Learning with Saj Mohammad: Autism and Inclusive Practice with @NicolaBeldham 

In this first edition of Universal Learning, I’m talking to Nicola Beldham, an inclusion specialist who like me works in further education with post-16 learners.

But what she has to say about inclusion I think is relevant to all phases of education in some way.

We discuss a wide range of topics including how she ended up working in education, her experiences of supporting autistic students, and the effect of the pandemic on learners with additional needs.

What lessons can we take from inclusive practice to open up learning to all?

For example, making things easy to read and using clear language helps dyslexic and autistic learners. But shouldn’t it be part of our normal routine when planning teaching, learning, and assessment?

In this podcast series “Universal Learning with Saj Mohammad“, I speak to professionals inside and outside education, as well as parents, carers, and learners themselves about their experiences of inclusion and what lessons we can all learn to make learning as universal as possible.

Music: Sinara by Blear Moon, licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC). Sound FX: Soft Blip E Major by New Age Soup via Freesounds, licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY).

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