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AELP outlines plans for creating two million Apprenticeships


The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) has published new proposals on how it believes two million Apprenticeship places can be generated.

These proposals include giving employers further ownership of the Apprenticeship system, and doing more in schools to promote the opportunities that vocational learning creates.

AELP chief executive Graham Hoyle explained: “There should be greater clarity regarding who pays for Apprenticeships.

“Government should accept responsibility for ensuring that potential apprentices reach the minimum levels of English and maths and other generic ‘soft’, employability skills, with employers continuing to fund the acquisition of skills and competencies they require to improve the competitiveness of their organisations.”

The recommendations were issued in a paper yesterday, in advance of Labour leader Ed Miliband’s party conference speech in Manchester. Miliband used his address today to outline plans to reform Apprenticeships to give businesses more control, and to develop a new technical baccalaureate for learners over the age of 18.

Natalie Thornhill

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