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“Londoners Lacking Skills, says Livingstone report

Despite London’s overwhelming strength both in the global financial markets and within the UK, the levels of Londoners who are lacking in key skills to compete in the workplace are still too high, according to Mayor Ken Livingstone’s latest report The London Story. The report was welcomed by unionlearn, the TUC’s learning and skills organisation, as “proof of the Mayor’s commitment to raising skill levels in London”.

London remains the region with the highest levels of worklessness despite its prosperity, with 30% of working age residents not in full-time employment.

In the Mayor’s latest report on the employment market, London’s greatest spectrum for employment growth is in the high skills sector; a sector that faces stiff competition from better-qualified people in the regional and international markets. The report finds that, by engaging London’s employers in raising the skills of the workplace, Londoners would be better enabled to face stiff competition in the employment sector.

The London Story also addresses the difficulties facing specific social groups within London, including ethnic minorities, single parents, and the disabled. It identifies that these groups need to benefit from greater integration, training funding and employment services targeted to the most disadvantaged.

The evidence produced in The London Story will provide the basis for the London Skills and Employment Board’s forthcoming strategy to increase adult skills and employment opportunities. Vice-Chair of the committee, Harvey McGrath, said: “The skills and employment landscape in London is confused and crowded [and] we want all Londoners to be able to access good employment opportunities and gain the skills they need to develop their careers”.

The Mayor of London agrees: “London’s economy is highly successful and we must continue to build on this success. Key to this is ensuring London and Londoners have the skills needed to compete for business and jobs. I hope the information in The London Story will assist all Londoners ““ employers, employees and those who want a decent job ““ to contribute to the crucial debate on setting the strategic direction for meeting London’s skills requirements and ensuring all Londoners are equipped to compete for a decent job”

Further examination of decisive action on how to combat London’s skills and employment challenges will be carried out later this year.

Maya Robert

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