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College hosts weekend Esperanto course

Wedgwood Memorial College in Barlaston, near Stoke, is set to hold a weekend Esperanto course this month.

In partnership with the Esperanto Association of Britain (EAB), which conveniently has its headquarters situated nearby, the course takes place over the weekend of January 16 to 18, with accommodation also available.

EAB will deliver beginners’ and post-beginners’ courses, and participants will be able to visit the on-site Esperanto Centre, meet the staff, browse an extensive library and purchase a wide range of new and second-hand books.

It is said that the Esperanto language is five times as easy to learn as French or Spanish, ten times as easy as Russian, and 20 times easier than Chinese or Arabic.

Many Esperanto speakers are also able to take advantage of a worldwide hospitality network called Pasporta Servo. The group currently consists of roughly 1350 hosts and operates in more than 85 countries.

All you need to do to join Pasporta Servo as a guest is buy the address list, which is updated annually. However, every host has specific conditions that must be adhered to, for example, there may be a restriction on the length of stay or the number of guests.

Although hosts in the network won’t usually charge travellers anything – many even offering free meals – large groups and families may well be asked for a small contribution.

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