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Engineering to Get Top Billing

The new Chief Executive of the National Forum of Engineering Centres (NFEC) jumped straight into his new role on Monday 1st of August, throwing down a personal gauntlet to make engineering and technology the most popular choice for students following vocational courses in both schools and colleges.

William Devine, previously Director of Technology at Havering College of Further and Higher Education, will work with colleges, schools and other training providers to emphasise both the importance of, and exciting career opportunities available within, engineering and technology throughout the UK market. Mr Devine adjudged that “every sector whether support, service, manufacturing or commerce would cease to function without engineers.”

Vocation, Vocation, Vocation

Engineering and technology is but one of many subjects classified under the rising profile of vocational education. Contributing to its growing reputation is the Government’s commitment to establish work based learning as a serious route to a worthwhile career.

Time spent in engineering, as a learning provider and as a successful project developer, has led Mr Devine to appreciate the benefits that a well considered and well executed apprentice program can bring. In his last position at Havering College Devine created two Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE); one in Automotive Engineering and the other in Electrical Installation. He is confident that his vast experience will help him in his new role to deliver lucrative unions between employers, learners and learning providers.

In NFEC, Mr Devine feels he has joined the perfect organisation to clean up the image of a profession stereotyped by “oily hands and dirty overalls”. He added “I look forward to working with colleagues across the country to make engineering and technology the number one vocational choice for young people.”

NFEC, who recently changed their name to represent their expanding membership, is an advocate of UK plc and the sharing and implementation of best practice.

Phillip Byrne

Wlecome William Devine to the NFEC in the FE Blog

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