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Future Leaders Present Their Case and Gain Strategic Thinking

The first batch of 18 postgraduate students on the Centre for Excellence in Leadership (CEL) Business Administration course gave their final presentations at Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) this month.

The course, which ran from December 2004, will teach the participants valuable education management skills. The course was delivered in four modules, with students working in teams on various projects across a number of colleges.

Dr Sally Watson, Director of LUMS commenting on the student’s progress said: “I feel that the students have developed their strategic thinking and have embarked on research that adds real value to their colleges and to the sector. Their research findings could well act as a catalyst for new initiatives and activities in the provider organisations when individual participants report back, and I fully expect the longer term legacy effects to be positive too.”

A Course of Confidence

One of the participating students, Kausar Malik of Kingston College, was impressed by his time on the course, saying: “The programme has given me the confidence to confront difficult situations, rather than staying in a comfort zone and avoiding them.”

The course has been designed to improve one of the key areas in educational institutions, leadership. The importance of effective leadership in identifying areas of opportunity and improvement is something that colleges and schools have sometimes overlooked. By making future leaders realise which areas are relevant to employers and students, their institutions can only gain strength and prosper.

Dan Atkinson

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