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Lib Dems call for independent review on standards

The results of A-level exams are published today, with an improvement on the number attaining top grades for the 24th year in a row. The number of papers being awarded an A grade was expected to reach 25% for the first time, prompting the usual criticism about standards.

The Liberal Democrats have called for an independent review on standards. Liberal Democrat Schools Spokesperson, Stephen Williams MP said: “Young people who have worked hard to pass their exams should not have their day spoiled by the annual ritual of commentators alleging a fall in standards.

“There needs to be a rational debate about how difficult exams should be, but this shouldn”t take place while students are collecting their results.”

He continued: “An independent review of exam standards is required to address the needs of our modern economy and mass higher education, and would maintain confidence in the system.

In addition, in response to the continued fall in the number of A-level students taking maths and science subjects the Liberal Democrats have called for incentives to encourage young people to take these subjects.

“The fall in the number of pupils studying science at school is having a knock-on effect in universities, where prestigious science departments are being closed because lack of students,” said Williams. “This situation is unsustainable and is ultimately harmful to our country’s best interests.”

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