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NATFHE’s Disapproval Over Government Denial of Foreign Student Visas

The University and College Lecturers” Union (NATFHE) has voiced its criticism over the government’s intentions to reject visa applications from international students wishing to study in the UK.

The leading lights at prominent UK universities have urged ministers to abandon their plans to restructure the rules for foreign students amid fears that this will affect university finances and the government’s export drive.

Prime Minister Tony Blair and Chancellor Gordon Brown have also put pressure on university chiefs to increase the number of non-EU students to supplement their finances and boost exports of education services.

General Secretary Blasts “Knee ““ jerk Reaction”

Paul Mackney, General Secretary of NATFHE, commented on the fact that visiting international students play a big part in contributing to the intellectual life of UK universities and colleges, positively enhancing the experience and perspective of domestic students. “The removal of visa appeal rights is yet another authoritarian, unthought through, knee-jerk reaction to 9-11 and the imbalanced media fascination with immigration. It will damage the education system of the UK.” he said.

A majority of universities in the UK have already met the Prime Minister’s set target of doubling the number of foreign undergraduates and postgraduates to about 210,000, where annual exports of education services could be worth a staggering £20bn by 2020.

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