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NetModerator to combat online bullying in education

A new approach to tackling the problem of online bullying in colleges was announced at BETT this week, with the launch of NetModerator, by internet firm Crisp.

Previewed at the BETT show at London’s Olympia ahead of its official launch in the spring, NetModerator is designed to help schools and colleges protect students from abuse and bullying. Using an advanced system, colleges will be able to detect the context in which words and phrases are used and then assess any potential threat.

Andrew Lintell, Chief Executive of Crisp, said: "Colleges face a growing challenge as they attempt to protect their students from the approach of online abusers of cyber-bullies. NetModerator makes it possible to make the most of the internet without having to unnecessarily block access or let abusers and bullies slip through the net.

"By the time kids reach further education, it’s a very different way of communicating, less about profanity, but more about sexual conduct. They have been aware of the internet and computers for a long time. Kids are very savvy, I think the worst thing you can do is block people, they need to experience and learn from it. They also need to learn about other students, social networking and groups, what is acceptable and what inappropriate behaviour is."

The software will enable those responsible for ICT to quickly identify inappropriate messaging in real-time, and to track the online behaviour of students.

Mr Lintell added: "Schools will now be able to easily spot inappropriate message activity on the system to not only identify and stop approaches from outside, but also abusive and bullying tactics between students within the school environment. We have a high accuracy rating of over 98%, which has been based on meaning and content and this has been verified by Cambridge University."

Jason Seebaruth

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