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New 14-19 Diploma due in 2010

“The Development of the Diploma in Retail and its supply chain commences

Skillsmart Retail Ltd is leading the development of the Diploma in Retail and Its Supply Chain in partnership with Skills for Logistics, Skillfast-UK and the Council for Administration. The Diploma in retail and its supply chain is due for first teaching to the 14-19 age range in 2010 and is in the 3rd phase of the development alongside 13 other lines of learning.

Initial research and consultation is underway in order to develop the vision and content of the Diploma at all 3 levels. The Diploma In Retail and Its Supply Chain will offer a 50/50 mix of theoretical and applied learning at levels 1-3 through the context of the retail sector and will look at areas such as retail operations, logistics of the retail supply chain, retail administration, fashion and textiles design and manufacturing for retail.

Skillsmart Retail would like to invite all colleges and training providers who deliver courses or training in retail and its supply chain to attend advisory groups on the 25 July, 15 August & 7 August. These groups will be convened in a central London location to be confirmed and will be run from 10:30am-3:30pm. Attendance at these groups will give you an opportunity to see drafts of content at each level of the Diploma in Retail and its supply chain and comment on its deliverability and its feasibility for future development into an accredited qualification.

If you are interested in being involved with this development through any of the means described above, or if indeed, you would simply like to receive updates by email, please contact Diploma Project Manager at Skillsmart Retail Ltd, Fiona Stubbs on [email protected] or telephone 07795 962444

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