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Sector Skills Council unveils research into new qualification

College principals across the UK will soon have to complete a qualification assessing their ethics and leadership skills, according to the Sector Skills Council (SSC) responsible for learning professionals.

Lifelong Learning UK, the SSC for teachers, librarians, lecturers and other such staff, conducted an extensive three-month consultation process garnering the views of industry professionals and other stakeholders. Most agreed on the importance of running colleges along ethical lines.

Monica Deasy, Director of Standards, Qualifications and Research at Lifelong Learning UK, said: “Principals face many challenges in leading what are highly complex businesses. But it must not be forgotten that they play public leadership roles. They must be seen to uphold the very highest ethical standards and reflect the values and principles required of the profession in which they are leaders”.

During the consultation, there was “widespread support” for draft specifications that will eventually form the basis of the new qualification, including assessments in leading teaching and learning, recruiting and developing staff and managing operations and resources.

Monica continued: “They are designed to reflect the areas in which Principals and Chief Executives must be skilled in order to manage their organisations effectively and inspire the people working around them”.

The Centre for Excellence in Leadership will deliver the new qualification, expected to form a compulsory part of any prospective college principals tools, providing a uniform balance of academics and ethical awareness. Furthermore, it will also be used by colleges as benchmarks for continuing professional development, and to assist in the recruitment of principals.

Vijay Pattni.

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