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Students at Abingdon and Witney College Visisted by Tory Leadership Hopeful

Twenty – four students at the Witney Campus of the Abingdon and Witney College will be visited by David Cameron MP, the Tory leadership candidate and current Shadow Education Secretary, tomorrow.

The students, who are studying Government and Politics at AS and A Level, will benefit from the opportunity to gain first hand knowledge of the thinking of the Conservative Party from a man who may well be its leader in just a few short days and who is their local Member of Parliament. The visit forms part of the course at the College, with senior figures invited to talk on the subject during the course of the year thus enhancing the students” awareness.

The Politics and the Personality

The students are excited at the opportunity to ask David Cameron questions, particularly given the crucial phase his political career has entered. One student, 21 year old Amber Barrett from Witney, said: “I would like to find out about the politics behind the personality; what he thinks the Conservatives will stand for in the future and how he would hope to turn the Conservatives into an effective opposition if he is successful in the leadership contest.”

The course is a popular one at Abingdon and Witney College, achieving an excellent pass rate of almost 100% at A Level. The anticipation expressed by the learners seems to contradict the oft mentioned “antipathy” of young people towards politics. Laura Corona, a 17 year old A Level student, enthused: “Politics plays an important part in every aspect of life. If you are better informed you are better able to use your vote.” Mr. Cameron may face tough questions, with 17 year old A Level student Ed Clarke saying: “I would like to ask Mr Cameron where he stands on the student loans versus grants debate.”

The staff at the college are delighted that important public figures recognise the importance of taking the time to make such visits. Speaking on this subject, Hilary Barber, who lectures at the college on the course, commented: “Visits like this from Mr Cameron are invaluable for the students as they bring the subject alive and widen their horizons.”

Jethro Marsh

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