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UK game development industry suffering from skills shortage

A lack of relevant expertise among aspiring new game developers is providing the biggest barrier to employment in the industry, reveals research published today by Train2Game, the open learning provider.

According to its survey of nearly 100 game development industry professionals, 80 per cent believe poor experience among prospective employees poses the most significant obstacle to them being recruited.

More than half of those surveyed also cite a considerable skills gap within their own areas of business.

“Companies involved in an industry as dynamic and fast-moving as game development clearly need a steady flow of talented new recruits to ensure they can keep up with the competition,” said Tony Bickley, a course director at Train2Game, which provides open learning programmes for people seeking to work in the video games industry

“The results of our survey highlight the need for aspiring game developers to demonstrate a good level of knowledge and expertise in their chosen field, in order to help fill the perceived skills gap and really make an impression on potential employers.”

They survey also shows 56 per cent agree strongly that developers need to be more involved in helping ensure games students have relevant skills.

Train2Game’s Games Design, Games Developer and Games Artist and Animator courses are backed by TIGA, the UK video games trade association, which acts as the provider’s independent awarding and examination body.

Jason Rainbow

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