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BBC Worldwide partners with ClickView

ClickView subscribers now have access to hundreds of curriculum-aligned videos and lesson plans from BBC Worldwide Learning which further supports interactive learning.

  • BBC Worldwide Learning gives ClickView users access to hundreds of high-quality educational clips from the world’s leading public service broadcaster.
  • The content acquisition augments ClickView as a leading e-learning platform.
  • Aligned in objectives, the partnership will get world-class video content into the hands of schools and students, worldwide.

London, March 1, 2022:  BBC Worldwide Learning and ClickView have today announced a partnership. The BBC’s educationally relevant content will now be accessible in the ClickView platform to ensure users in schools and colleges across the UK, US and Australia have access to the world’s best video content, in one place. The partnership further enhances ClickView’s primary and secondary level content and interactive video suite.

“At the core of BBC Learning is a mission to leverage our industry-leading storytelling to educate students across the globe, delivering transformative learning experiences that equip students for the future. With its world class-tools, seamless functionality, and interactive testing capabilities, ClickView has proved to be a vital resource for educators, and we are excited to partner with them to bring the BBC’s educational, inspirational, and entertaining content to their platform,” said Kara Iaconis, global head of learning, BBC Studios.

Aligned in creating impactful educational videos, BBC and ClickView are dedicated to creating timely content, that matters, inspires, and engages. BBC’s pioneering programming and awe-inspiring documentaries are timely, helping teachers teach topics that move quickly such as content related to the environment, wellbeing, and technology. ClickView’s powerful tools, such as interactive quizzes can be layered over thousands of videos that live in ClickView, now including the BBC’s.

Michael Wilkinson, managing director of ClickView UK added, “Partnering with trusted brands including the BBC, who uphold the highest editorial standards, is important to us. We know this partnership will help our schools save valuable lesson planning time when searching for the perfect video resource for their classrooms. Having BBC clips live in the ClickView library means schools can now combine and blend content from the best educational providers in the one place. The additional benefit of having ClickView’s world-class tools, including interactive quizzes makes this partnership, perfect for active learning and teaching.”

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