British Embassy Jakarta is inviting proposals for development of online training material for clinical nursing skills development.

Health and Education are both key elements of the relationship between UK and the Republic of Indonesia and we work across a wide range of fields in this partnership. The British Embassy Jakarta has started work on nursing with the Indonesian Ministry of Health. We carried out a review of the Bachelor of Applied Nursing curriculum as run by the Ministry’s 37 Polytechnics, spread across the country.

One of the recommendations was that they should develop online approved training materials (e.g. video), which could be used by students for continuous professional development. The Ministry and Polytechnics are very keen to do this, especially as their practical training has been hampered by COVID-19 restrictions. Previously, they used to have theory, simulation, demonstration (25 students in the room with the patient), and clinical practice. However, the demonstration and practice is now much harder. They are giving lectures over Zoom, but there is no videos/online simulation to help the students.

Scope of work

Work with a team from the Centre for Human Resources for Health and polytechnics to build their capacity to define and develop online training in clinical practice, covering how to:

  • identify suitable type of delivery
  • identify priority skills
  • monitor the effectiveness of the delivery; and possibly
  • identify additional topics, such as how to interact with patients online/not face-to-face

Delivery date

The project must be completed by 15 March 2022.


The budget for this project is £25,000 in this Financial Year, inclusive of all expenses and any surcharges or tax. We hope to be able to build on this pilot project in the next Financial Year.

Assessment criteria

The EOI will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • alignment with objectives
  • outcomes achievable within the funding period
  • the relevant experience and competency possessed by the project lead and other personnel who will work on the project, including details of previous experience and clear project design
  • organisation’s safeguarding policies ensuring the protection of beneficiaries
  • feasibility of project delivery (COVID-19 restrictions, interpretation etc)
  • overall value for money

How to submit proposals

Send your proposal including the completed project proposal form (ODT, 52.9KB) and Activity Based Budget Template (ODS, 10.5KB) to [email protected] by 12pm (UK time) on 7 October 2021.

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Published 28 September 2021