Completed RFCs that we’ll make to the CBDS during 2020, including details of the change and the reasons for the request.


RFC 1143: additional exclusion reasons

PDF, 142KB, 5 pages

RFC 1140: sessions not attending in circumstances relating to coronavirus (COVID-19)

PDF, 182KB, 5 pages

RFC 1134: exclusion reasons

PDF, 181KB, 4 pages

RFC 1130: aggregate number of sessions

PDF, 183KB, 5 pages

RFC 1126: English GCSE prior attainment

PDF, 190KB, 4 pages

RFC 1125: attendance changes

PDF, 208KB, 5 pages

RFC 1124: exclusion codeset

PDF, 183KB, 5 pages

RFC 1123: T-Level data items

PDF, 214KB, 7 pages

RFC 1120: EHC plan

PDF, 163KB, 4 pages

RFC 1109: CIN census 2020 to 2021 assessment code set

PDF, 238KB, 8 pages


These files contain information for suppliers developing software and management information systems (MIS) for local authorities and schools.

The CBDS database is also available.

Published 19 February 2020
Last updated 3 September 2020 + show all updates

  1. Added ‘RFC 1140: sessions not attending in circumstances related to coronavirus (COVID-19)’ and ‘RFC 1143: additional exclusion reasons’.

  2. Added ‘RFC 1134: exclusion reasons’.

  3. First published.